Why did I build DiceApp.io?

There are times in life when you just need a set of dice. It felt over-the-top to need to download an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and a Google Search appeared to yield no decent dice apps… and so DiceApp.io was born.

It was also an experiment to see how the world of Google Analytics, and SEO worked together. So there will probably be some on-going changes to come.

How did I build DiceApp.io?

The core framework used for this website was Next.JS. I was initially drawn to this React framework because of its built-in Server-Side Rendering (SSR), CSS-in-JS (via "styled-jsx"), its Zero Setup simplicity, and because it was Ready for Production.

Part-way through the build, I decided to use Netlify for deployment, continuous integration, and automatic HTTPS. This meant that I would no longer take advantage of the SSR capabilities of Next.JS, but luckily it also allowed a simple static site export. Pretty handy!

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